Touch A Life Foundation- Rescuing trafficked children on Lake Volta

August 24, 2010

Touch A Life Foundation is changing the lives of children who were previously sold into slavery in the fishing industry on Lake Volta in northern Ghana. Touch A Life (TAL) has one home in Tema, called the Village of Love, that houses 24 rescued children and a second home, called the Village of Life, that is home to 44 children in Kete Krachi, which is less than five minutes from the dark and dangerous waters of Lake Volta. At both locations, I met the 68 girls and boys who have been rescued from the lake, and some from cocoa fields. It is amazing to see how children, all of whom were once traded for less than 20 American dollars in exchange for years of labor, can have the chance to pursue their dreams and live their lives. Touch A Life has given these children the love, safety, nourishment, education and family that they so desperately deserved and needed. This is all very evident the moment you arrive at the children’s homes. Instantly, you’ll be overwhelmed (and even physically knocked over) by hugs and hellos and smiles from these kids. I had the great fortune of spending a week with TAL, mostly up in Kete Krachi, where I documented the medical exams conducted by nurse practitioner Brad Gautney of Global Health Innovations ( and the human trafficking on the lake. Being there and seeing these kids, both those who have been rescued and also those who are still enslaved on Lake Volta’s treacherous waters, has changed my life forever. The sooner TAL can build another home at their complex, the sooner they can start rescuing more children. To learn more, please visit their site-

Village of Love- Tema, Ghana

Village of Hope- Kete Krachi, Ghana

Pictured below with Rachel, TAL’s Director of Project Development with James, whose rescue was documented and recently published in the August 2010 issue of Essence. His life has been changed forever thanks to Touch A Life.

… and on Lake Volta


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