The Girls of Mowire

August 24, 2010

Meet Deborah, Patricia, Marilyn, Abigail, Hannah, and MammyK. They run the show around the Oduro household. Starting their day at 4:45am, they sweep the house and grounds, take multiple trips to the local well, go to morning prayer, bathe, brush their teeth, iron their school uniforms and get dressed, eat breakfast (if there’s time) and set up the “front desk” and “canteen” under the mango tree, all before rushing to class before the morning bell at 830am. Once the girls are out of class by 2:30 they are back in the house, washing their uniforms, heading out for more water, bathing, studying, cooking, and finishing their day with evening prep and dance (or as they call it, “choreography” practice). Same thing tomorrow. Same thing everyday, though now there is one exception: there is now a working borehole well with a tap on the schools grounds, saving them time and energy when it comes to what was their most tiring and time consuming chore of pumping and collecting water.  I spent a couple of days trying to keep up with these ladies and boy was it a challenge.

4:45am- sweep

5:00am- water (now they save this chore for a little later as they have water at their school/home)

5:30am- morning prayer

6:00am- brush and wash

6:30am- get dressed

7:30am- set up and run morning canteen

and then after school…


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