One completed borehole well at the Triumph International School- check!

August 24, 2010

Two years, three drillings and $10,000 later we finally reached our end goal- a borehole well, yielding gallons of clean drinking water everyday for the students of the Triumph International School in Mowire, Ghana. While there were many complications and set backs in completing this project, we were determined to push through and I don’t think words can truly express what it was like at that moment when the tap was turned on and water rushed out, glistening in the afternoon sunshine, into the hands and cups of  the 300+ students waiting for their turn for a drink. It was completely surreal. Their lives have changed forever, especially the many students who do not even have access to this quality of water at their homes. I think back to that day two years ago when a boy asked me to buy him water after we had played an hour long soccer game and I remember thinking that not only should he not have to pay for water, but that he should be able to have as much of it as he wants, whenever he wants. This is a luxury that we know all to well back home. Now all he has to do its walk over the tap and turn it on. Water really is life.


2 Responses to “One completed borehole well at the Triumph International School- check!


  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Congratulations Nancy! What a blessing you have left them. I was lucky enough to volunteer at the Ghana on Tap event last fall and am so joyful to see all your hard work pay off for these kiddos.

  2. Paul Says:

    Congratulations Nancy and all those who contributed in many ways in making your dream a reallity. I was very lucky that I was brought on board to help. Thank you Nancy and God bless your Heart.

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