The C Word

March 31, 2010

Laurel Borowick, 55, knew something was wrong after feeling a hard misshapen lump in the scar tissue of her right breast where she had, twelve years earlier, undergone a mastectomy and major reconstruction after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Unfortunately her suspicions were correct- it was cancer, again. This is a story about a woman, told through the eyes and the lens of her daughter’s camera.

With her permission and trust, I started documenting her experience going through breast cancer treatment this past fall, from Chemotherapy treatments, to surgery, to Radiation and recovery. I have also been focusing on not only how she is dealing and growing from the illness but the relationships that surround her in her life and those who are also affected in a way by this illness, like my father, my siblings, her friends, and myself. Most cancer stories look at the sad, negative side of the spectrum and don’t paint you an honest picture of who this person is, aside from a cancer patient. This story will be different- it will be inspiring and triumphant, and it will continue on for years to come. Come this June, these photographs, along with a multimedia piece including audio sound bites, will be exhibited at the School of the International Center of Photography.

These are some of my favorites, for now…


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